May 2023 snapshot: 2 Cases where CCTV helped fight crime

We’ve collected a couple of criminal cases in NZ during the month of May where CCTV footage helped fight crime through deterrence or police investigation. Real world examples of efficacy will always trump hypotheticals and technical details.

CCTV camera stolen in Muriwai

Original story: Man arrested after stealing the CCTV camera he was caught on | Stuff.co.nz

This story reads like something out of a comedy. A man in Muriwai, Auckland, stole a CCTV camera after acting suspiciously. The footage from the camera was used to catch him and led to his arrest.

How CCTV helped the arrest

The footage from the camera was recording all up till the point where he actually disconnected the camera from the system. This footage was clear and showed his movements and clear evidence of stealing the camera itself.

Daylight Robbery of Jewellery stores in New Plymouth and Auckland

Original story: Three teenagers arrested for brazen daylight robberies of Michael Hill stores in New Plymouth, Auckland mall | Newshub

Michael Hill stores in both New Plymouth and Auckland were robbed within three weeks of each other. Police arrested 3 teenagers that they believe have links to both robberies.

Where CCTV helped

The police say they reviewed CCTV and video footage to track the movements and catalogue the items stolen. The footage showed the thieves smashing glass cabinets with hammers and fleeing in a getaway vehicle with stolen jewellery items.

two security cameras; one black, one white

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