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Specialising in CCTV, Alarms and Access Control systems for both the residential and commercial sectors in Auckland. Keep your home or business safe, monitored and secure with modern security systems. Find out how we can give you peace of mind with a security alarm system. 

Our Services

We specialise in high quality security systems, usually made of a combination of CCTV, Alarms, and Access Control, or one on its own. All three of these are powerful security elements on their own, but integrating them into each other provides a far tighter and all-round level of protection.

CCTV Security Cameras

Tailored Solutions of high quality modern CCTV Systems for any commercial need. Protect your property with full CCTV coverage. Cameras integrate with smartphone applications enabling ease of monitoring.

Security Alarms

Alarm systems are deterrents for any intruders who manage to avoid your primary locks. Internal surveillance, motion detection, open doors or windows can trigger a loud, frightening alarm to cause burglars to flee.

Access Control

Number pad locks, Swipe card locks, Remote access locks, you name it. State of the art electronic security controlling who can access your property and when. Very important for businesses with multiple employees. 

Serving Residential and Commercial

We can work with any property in Auckland, whether its a private dwelling, or any site used for commercial activity. If you need peace of mind and security, we can get it done. From home security cameras to large scale commercial security systems, Auckland CCTV have the experience to safeguard your property.

Home Security

Full home security from your smartphone. CCTV security cameras, alarm systems, and access control (digital locks). Get peace of mind with a home security system, protect your home and belongings even if you are away.

Business Security

Integrated security for businesses of any type – warehouses, offices, retail stores and others. Protect your investment and keep your staff and customers safe with a modern high quality commercial security system.

Home Security from your smartphone

Our state-of-the-art cameras are always on the lookout, keeping a watchful eye on your Auckland home or business, monitoring your property 24/7. With real-time alerts including intruder detection and the ability to access your footage from anywhere, you’ll never miss a beat.

Don’t leave your security up to chance – trust our security camera installation to keep you and your belongings safe and secure. Remote surveillance from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop with full control.

Stop worrying about your property, let us give you peace of mind.

hand holding smartphone showing two remote security camera feeds from home security cameras on a residential property

Why have a security system?

Security systems provide protection for your loved ones (or employees) and your home/property. With crime in Auckland increasing almost 20% year on year, it is more important than ever to have measures in place for your protection. A thoroughly designed and professionally installed security system will be a huge deterrent to any criminals trying to break into your home or property.

Secondary benefits can include detection of not just burglars but other dangers such as smoke or fire. In addition to this, a security system will increase the value of your home and it will increasingly be an important factor in a home purchase as crime is on an upward trend in Auckland.

Instant Benefits of installing a security system

  • Deter intruders and burglars
    Burglars and trespassers are likely to get scared after getting a visual and audible warning from your CCTV system. At the same time all activity is being recorded as evidence for the Police.
  • Show you who is outside your property
    Any time of day, your system will alert you whenver someone comes onto your property. You’ll get to see in realtime what they are doing there and their movements. Now you can call the Police.
  • Reduce theft/burglary & vandalism
    A thoroughly designed security systems has a direct impact on reducing theft and vandalism (see chart just below).
  • Full 24/7 day & night video recording
    Continuously running, our cameras record all day and all night, monitoring your property even if you’re away.
  • Real time access of cameras from your laptop and smartphone
    Modern security camera systems are linked to the internet. This allows you to easily view live pictures and recordings wherever and whenever you want from a laptop, tablet or smartphone.
  • Let you review old surveillance footage
    Our security camera systems allow you to go back and review footage from the past, usually the last 30 days (more if you choose so).
  • High quality video evidence for Police investigation
    Having a clear recording of anyone trespassing or breaking in can serve as evidence. The Police may require this to help identify the burglar.
  • Peace of mind, relaxation and confidence
    With a reliable security system set up, you and your family can live and feel safe in your home.

The Deterrence Effect of CCTV and Alarms

chart of various burglar deterrent efficacy with cameras and alarms highlighted at 43 and 46 percent respectively

The visual presence of security cameras and alarms acts as a strong psychological deterrent. In a survey of inmates in the USA, it was found that Cameras/Surveillance would deter 43% of burglary attempts, and Alarms as many as 46%.

Keep in mind these are already convicted felons who got caught, and doesn’t include the majority of burglars who are even more risk-averse.

How Much does a Security System Cost?

Installation costs are determined by your specific security needs, property size, and desired features. Number of cameras, camera resolution, alarm sensors, NVR/recorder storage size, and access control are just some of the factors influencing the cost.

Whether you prefer immediate phone alerts upon detecting a person or vehicle on your premises, or opt for live view with playback functionality, our pricing is tailored to suit. Reach out to us today for a complimentary, no-obligation assessment and a personalized quote for your property security.

diagram showing breakdown of security system cost into cameras and components, electrician labour time, and recorder and cabling

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