CCTV Security Cameras

Securing your property and safeguarding your belongings are the objectives of our CCTV systems. 

Primarily working as a deterrent for would-be burglars, in the case of a robbery occuring nonetheless, CCTV can drastically reduce response time (burglars don’t have as much time to steal) and providing high quality evidence for police to use. Our technicians have extensive experience across Residential and Commercial properties in the Auckland region.

smartphone showing remote footage from home security cameras

Modern IP/Network CCTV Cameras

four IP security cameras of different shapes from Dahua

We use modern IP Cameras in our CCTV systems which are equipped to connect to the property’s wifi network or through ethernet cable. High quality, HD footage and audio.

Residential & Commercial CCTV systems in Auckland

We serve both commercial & residential needs, with every job tailored to the requirements. Buildings such as private homes, terraced units or apartment blocks are some of the residential properties we’ve secured, with the commercial including business parks, retail stores and warehouses. 

The biggest difference between residential and commercial CCTV installations is all to do with the scope of the project. Most residential projects will require just one central node/controller that the cameras will link to. In a large commercial property this can grow to one controller per floor or section, depending on the layout and type of property. 

Home Security

Full home security from your smartphone. CCTV security cameras, alarm systems, and access control (digital locks). Get peace of mind, protect your home and belongings even if you are away.

Business Security

Integrated security for businesses of any type – warehouses, offices, retail stores and others. Protect your investment and keep your staff and customers safe. 

What is CCTV security? How does it help?

CCTV, a term now interchangeable with Security camera, is an acronym meaning: Closed Circuit Television. Using video surveillance is a very cost effective method of protecting your property and providing peace of mind. Security cameras are strategically installed to cover entry/exit points such as doors, gates, windows, etc, or areas of high traffic such as hallways. CCTV cameras in a system are generally connected to a central recorder which stores and forward the footage from the cameras.

In case of a crime, CCTV helps any investigation by providing police with vital evidence such as faces, number of perpetrators, weapons used, vehicle registration plates, etc. It is this capability to record perpetrators that acts as the biggest deterrence for any would-be criminals, as besides identifying the burglars it also records exactly what damage they’ve done and how they carried out their attack, fully incriminating them – ultimately making prosecution and justice easier and faster.

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Remote Monitoring - Live feed access

mobile phones and tablets showing live feed remotely from security cameras

You can configure your cameras in many ways due to network connection, such as having full remote monitoring capability on your smartphone. You can stream the live CCTV footage to any authorised viewer – yourself, a neighbour, a monitoring station, or law enforcement.

All reputable security camera suppliers provide their own app from which you can easily see the footage from your property in real time. In case of a suspicion like an alarm going off, or you getting a worried call from a neighbour, anyone monitoring can instantly load the video feed from the cameras and confirm a break in or a false positive.

Specialised Cameras

Depending on the location and purpose of the security camera, there are various models to fit different requirements. For example if a camera is likely to be used in very dark conditions, it could be suitable to use a thermal camera, or if used outdoors a corrosion resistant camera would be a good choice.

PTZ Cameras

These cameras use Pitch, Tilt and Zoom capabilities to offer both wide area coverage, and great picture detail at the same time. By rotating, these type of cameras can cover a wider field of view, and the zoom functionality allows for a detailed video feed.

PTZ cameras can come in many different model types depending on requirements, with low and high budget possibilities. Corrosion resistance, explosion proofing, long range IR illumination, and many more specialised functions are available in the different models.

a round camera showing pitch, tilt and zoom capability

Thermal Cameras

Thermal cameras are great for conditions of extreme darkness, offering a complete picture where normal cameras may fail. They are best used alongside visible light cameras to achieve comprehensive surveillance in all weather conditions. 

They can be used for many purposes such as perimeter detection, or more specialised roles like fire detection, depending on the needs of your property. 

thermal security camera with a normal and an infrared visor

Corrosion resistant cameras

In harsh environmental conditions, normal cameras can fail very often due to the extreme conditions they are exposed to like very hot or cold temperatures, salt haze, or other corrosives such as acid rain (common in industrial areas).

Anti-corrosion cameras are made of more resiliant materials such as stainless steel or other corrosion resistance coatings.

In New Zealand these cameras are excellent for HD coverage of properties with neutral salt haze such as coastal roads, coastal zones, ports, shipping areas, islands, etc.

corrosion resistant camera encased in stainless steel

Explosion proof cameras

Hopefully your cameras will never have to prove their explosion proof nature. However, with special properties that work with flammables, or volatile chemicals like gas stations, chemical plants, or even flour mills, it is important to have cameras that can keep functioning in the worst case scenario. 

These cameras are encased in a flame proof casing, and are resistant to internal explosion pressure.

explosion proof camera encased in strong metal

WizMind S: Dahua Machine Learning/Camera Artificial Intelligence

wizmind logo dahua

WizMind S is the latest generation of Dahua’s machine learning software for their surveillance cameras. Enabling multiple advanced functions to make surveillance even faster and more reliable.

AI Image - Low Illumination

With AI-Powered Image, nighttime CCTV quality experiences enhancements primarily in two key areas:

• Surveillance footage achieves a more even overall brightness, delivering a clear and visible image of the subject even in low-light scenarios.
• Utilizing advanced deep learning algorithms, critical subjects such as humans and vehicles can be highlighted, effectively eliminating noise and retaining intricate details.

photo comparison before and after AI Image brightness correction of a dark CCTV frame

AI Image - WDR

Because of different camera placements and constantly fluctuating light conditions, there can be a big difference in brightness (e.g. when there’s a strong light behind an object).

When WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) is activated, the IPC WizMind S series can intelligently correct footage where parts are too bright or too dark by adjusting overexposure and underexposure. Making sure that moving objects are detailed and easy to see.

photo comparison before and after AI Image brightness correction of a dark CCTV frame

Perimeter Protection

Using a deep learning algorithm, the Perimeter Protection technology within the IPC WizMind S series effectively identifies human and vehicle targets with precision. It offers a variety of detection options, including tripwire, intrusion, fast movement, parking, loitering, and gathering, catering to diverse application needs.

human and vehicle targets with precision

Video Metadata

Introducing a fresh AI capability within the IPC WizMind S series, Video Metadata employs a deep learning algorithm to identify and record images of subjects, including humans, vehicles, and non-motor vehicles. It handpicks the highest-quality images and extracts pertinent characteristics. Reports on the quantity of detected targets can be generated on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.

WizMind object detection