Our Security System Services

We specialise in high quality security systems, usually made of a combination of CCTV, alarms, and access control, or one on its own. All three of these are powerful security elements on their own, but integrating them into each other provides a far tighter and all-round level of protection.

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CCTV Systems

Keep a tight eye on your property, deter theft or other crime from happening. Protect your loved ones or your employees and safeguard your property. Find out how a CCTV system can help keep you, your people, and your property safe.

Advanced modern alarm systems monitor and alert whenever a potential intruder is breaking in. Working hand in hand with a CCTV system, an alarm system is the reactive component of your property defense. A signal can be sent to you, to a monitoring station, or even to law enforcement once an alarm is triggered. Keep your mind at ease knowing your property is continuously armed with intruder detection. 

Alarm Systems

Access Control

Smart, state of the art digital hardware lets you fully tailor who can enter which doors and what time. Access control systems can be configured to work with combination lock keypads, card readers, or other RFID tag readers. Make sure your business or home is accessed only by those who are supposed to.

Full service integration

Despite offering three different types of systems (as above), they ultimately are very modular and can be fully integrated with one another. When someone tries to open a door without authorization for example, you can get an alert and then check out the door via CCTV. Or if your motion detection sensors at home raise an alarm, you get notified and can instantly view the camera feed from your phone or computer. 

CCTV, Alarms and Access Controls can be viewed as limbs of the same body, benefitting from a strong synergy when they work together.

Home Security

Full home security from your smartphone. CCTV security cameras, alarm systems, and access control (digital locks). Get peace of mind, protect your home and belongings even if you are away.

Business Security

Integrated security for businesses of any type – warehouses, offices, retail stores and others. Protect your investment and keep your staff and customers safe. 

two security cameras; one black, one white

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