FAQs - CCTV & Security systems

This page contains some of the most commonly asked questions we get by both home owners and business clients. 

Can I access the system from overseas?

Yes, all systems that are connected through an app will work overseas.

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How do pets effect the sensors?

Most sensors we work with come standard with 3 options regarding pets present:

  • No pets
  • Small pets
  • Medium/Large pets

Is it easily tampered with?

No, we position the internal sensors to make sure the alarm triggers well before any tampering can be done, and external parts such as the alarm/siren have a tamper switch so it instantly triggers the alarm when the siren is tampered with.

Do I need to decide where the sensors go?

No, while we use your input to design the system, all final positions of alarm parts will be decided by our security experts to ensure a seamless design and a secure site.

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How do you minimise blindspots?

We use a collective of expert experience and an arsenal of camera options to ensure nothing is missed.

How does our wifi connection affect the performance of the system?

Even a slow standard connection will suffice for a alarm or camera system, but it will vary depending on your connection itself – solutions and recommendations for this can be discussed.

It may also be worth considering if wired cameras are better than wireless for your situation.

How do power cuts affect the system?

Alarms have a backup battery that lasts a long time, and once power is restored the battery will charge again.
For camera systems a battery back-up system can be included as an extra.

Can I have hidden cameras for close ups near valuable items?

We work with a very wide range of cameras, for any versatile or highly specific purpose we can tailor for any application.