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Erase your worries and keep your business safe. Auckland CCTV installs state of the art commercial security systems, with experience across offices, warehouses, retail stores and more. Let us take care of your safety, so you can take care of your business.

Property Security from Start to Finish

Getting a commercial security system right requires the utmost care in the design and installation, even a single blind spot can compromise the system.

Choosing the right business security partner is a critical decision, with much at risk. Our integrated security solutions merge CCTV Systems, Alarm Systems, and Access Control into a single, customized package for your business.

Choose a company with a solid history of dependable installation and monitoring services for commercial and industrial settings. Guarantee the safety of your staff and the safeguarding of your property against theft with a Business Security System from Auckland CCTV.


Our technicians take care of the entire design process, combining your input with their extensive experience to produce a foolproof system.


Whether a wired or a wireless security system, we do the job to the highest standard. Combining functionality and aesthetics for a seamless installation.


Servicing an existing security system. Changing batteries, fixing problems, upgrading components. We maintain all systems we install.

Security Systems across Auckland

  • Trusted by businesses of all sizes, from small to large
  • Top-notch security alarm systems of the highest quality
  • Compatible with any security alarm monitoring company
  • Customised and Personalized service
  • Utilizing world-class security components supported by extensive warranties
  • Tailored intelligent solutions to meet your unique needs
  • Vast experience serving numerous clients, ranging from small to large
  • Locally based Auckland team
  • Offering a broad selection of commercial security products, including alarm monitoring systems, security and access control, commercial security systems, and surveillance cameras
shopping mall security systems in auckland

Industries we Serve

These are some of the industries we’ve worked with, but by no means are limited to. If you have a security need for your commercial property, get in touch with us today for a consultation.


Restaurants, Cafes, Bars, and other hospitality establishments are high traffic social environments and have their own unique security needs and challenges.


Retail shops are a hot target for a quick robbery. Securing your high value goods and eliminating stock loss are a priority for retail security systems.


Office buildings require advanced access control and surveillance systems to ensure the safety and privacy of employees and sensitive information.


Construction sites demand proactive security measures to prevent theft, vandalism, and unauthorized access, safeguarding valuable equipment and materials.


With large storage spaces and constant movement of goods, warehouses rely on video surveillance, access control, and inventory tracking to maintain security and productivity


Marinas and boatyards necessitate specialized security solutions to protect vessels, prevent theft, and ensure the safety of boat owners and visitors.


Technically also retail, supermarkets fall into their own category due to their massive interiors and rigidly organised floor plans. Reducing theft at self-checkouts.


From hotel rooms to vacation rentals, security is essential for providing a secure and comfortable experience. Protecting guests, their belongings, and the property itself.

Commercial CCTV Security Systems

Auckland’s fast growing nature and the downward economic turn from the Covid-19 pandemic has led to an explosion in crime. You don’t have to wait for better conditions to feel safe. At Auckland CCTV our technicians have worked with businesses of any size – installing an equally wide range of systems. From small premises requiring just 4 cameras, to large buildings with 30+ cameras and multiple levels, we have the experience to keep your property, employees, and customers safe and secure.

The Gold Standard: Dahua 5MP cameras

We work with the most trusted brands in NZ and worldwide. We can work with any brand of surveillance camera you prefer, but our go to is Dahua. 

The standard which covers nearly all bases is a 5MP camera (2880×1620). Video footage is recorded at 25 frames per second. These cameras have served countless businesses across every industry and location in Auckland.

Dahua cameras are at the forefront of machine learning and artificial intelligence in surveillance applications, making the absolute most of their hardware.

dahua ceiling mounted turret security camera

Our Services

Security Alarms

Alarm systems are deterrents for any intruders who manage to avoid your primary locks. Internal surveillance, motion detection, open doors or windows can trigger a loud, frightening alarm to cause burglars to flee.

CCTV Security Cameras

Tailored Solutions of high quality modern CCTV Systems for any commercial need. Protect your property with full CCTV coverage. Cameras integrate with smartphone applications enabling ease of monitoring.

Access Control

Number pad locks, Swipe card locks, Remote access locks, you name it. State of the art electronic security controlling who can access your property and when. Very important for businesses with multiple employees. 

Remote Monitoring

mobile phones and tablets showing live feed remotely from security cameras

Our systems work seamlessly with remote monitoring, meaning they can be accessed and viewed from anywhere in the world. You can manage the security monitoring yourself, delegate it to an employee or friend, or outsource it to any 24/7 security monitoring company of your preference.

The benefits of remote monitoring capability are huge, saving boundless hours of time and money, as well as improving response times:

  • If an alarm is triggered, check the camera feed to confirm an intruder or discover a false positive
  • If someone needs special access somewhere, you can verify their identity and presence, and let them in remotely
  • Save call out fees for security or employees
  • Faster response times by verifying a threat straight away
  • Investigate suspicious activity by customers or employees
  • Monitor your system even if you are on holiday or out of town
two security cameras; one black, one white
alarm kit including circuitry, sensors, control panel and more

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