Access Control Systems - Residential and Commercial Property

Keep 100% control of who can enter your property at any time. Card readers, tag readers, or keypad locks are an effective way to control who gets to access which doors and when.

  • Keep intruders out
  • Keep unauthorised staff or public out of restricted areas
  • Let the right people access the right areas

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Electronic Locks

Access Control Systems are extremely important for commercial properties. They prevent the wrong people from entering restricted areas, and let you manage all aspects of who gets to go where and when. Different employees can have different access levels depending on their roles, controlling not just their accessible rooms but also the time of day they can do so.

Card Readers

Most corporate buildings use a scannable electronic card system to unlock doors or gates, and other security settings like turning on or off alarms. This can be built into an employee ID card, or just exist as an individual access card. Strong security is the key advantage of using a card system, especially if it is matched with photo ID printed on the card itself. The only way to fool this system is by stealing/picking up someone else’s access card, but this can quickly be remedied by matching CCTV footage to the log of the individual card being used to make sure the right person is using it. 

keycard being touched against keycard reader

Tag Readers

A simpler, more rudimentary scannable access solution. Still operating on a tag that needs to be scanned against an electronic reader, the tag is smaller than a swipe card and can usually fit on a keychain, making it a good compromise of between card readers and keypad locks.

keypad locks

Keypad Locks

Simple number combination lock usually requiring 4 digits pressed in the correct order to unlock a door or a gate. The advantages are not needing to carry a card or a tag with you to unlock the door, incase it gets lost or forgotten. The disadvantage is basically the flip side – by relying on a number that anyone can share with each other, access becomes harder to control and relies more on trust of the people who know the code rather than the physical lock.

electronic lock operated by numpad