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Say goodbye to worries and hello to peace of mind. Protect your loved ones and valuable assets with our top-of-the-line home security system, featuring CCTV and alarms. With full remote monitoring from your smartphone, you can have eyes on your home at all times, giving your family the ultimate protection they deserve.

hand holding smartphone showing two remote security camera feeds from home security cameras on a residential property

Property Security from Start to Finish

Keep your home and family safe from external intruders and burglars, and internal threats like fire and smoke. Auckland CCTV technicians will consult with you on the security requirements you desire. We thoroughly inspect your property to design a unique fully tailored set up for optimal security. Servicing the whole Auckland area.


Our technicians take care of the entire design process, combining your input with their extensive experience to produce a foolproof system.


Whether a wired or a wireless security system, we do the job to the highest standard. Combining functionality and aesthetics for a seamless installation.


Servicing an existing security system. Changing batteries, fixing problems, upgrading components. We maintain all systems we install.

What Security Equipment do we provide?

combination of CCTV surveillance

Using a combination of CCTV surveillance and multiple security sensors, we can achieve a very high standard of passive protection for your property keeping your family and your belongings safe. Our systems are designed and built with your full input – you can include as many or as little security elements as you want, balancing cost and attention to detail to achieve satisfaction in your security system.

CCTV cameras make up the backbone of a home security system, as they are used to detect, confirm, and record intruders. Even though a glass break or a motion detection sensor may trigger an alarm, the camera is needed to confirm that there is an intruder on your property. In addition, security cameras can act as motion detectors on their own, but less reliably than pure motion detection sensors.

We install magnetic sensors on doors and windows that alert as soon as a window or door is opened, breaking the magnetic contact and raising an alarm. These are a great defense to cover any vulnerable entry points that may not be covered by a camera, or if a camera is spotted and disabled/damaged by an intruder.

Alarms can be silent – just sending an alert to any monitoring parties – or they can be loud, scaring intruders and encouraging them to leave. A loud ringing noise indicates to intruders that they have been detected, which urges them to leave as quick as possible.

The sound of glass breaking is unmistakable, causing alarm in anyone that hears it. In modern times this has been built into advanced sensors that detect unique sound frequencies produced by breaking glass. This is a huge asset to any home security system – burglars breaking in through windows is as old as time.

Dedicated motion detectors function on infrared, being smaller and more cost-effective than cameras. This allows you to secure more of your house with motion detection for a smaller cost than covering everything with cameras.

You can view the status of your house and check on live camera feeds from your smartphone or computer even if you are on holiday. Your entire security system is fully integrated with a central controller, which is connected to the internet via encrypted connection.

We work with CCTV security cameras, motion detection sensors, door opening and glass break sensors to provide multiple layers of security for your house. All sensors are connected to remote monitoring access letting you or a security monitoring company view the security status of your home instantly and take the appropriate actions if any threats are detected. We service Auckland wide, with years of experience working with homes and businesses across NZ’s largest and busiest city.

Remote Monitoring

mobile phones and tablets showing live feed remotely from security cameras

Our systems work seamlessly with remote monitoring, meaning they can be accessed and viewed from anywhere in the world. You can manage the security monitoring yourself, delegate it to an employee or friend, or outsource it to any 24/7 security monitoring company of your preference.

The benefits of remote monitoring capability are huge, saving boundless hours of time and money, as well as improving response times:

  • If an alarm is triggered, check the camera feed to confirm an intruder or discover a false positive
  • If someone needs special access somewhere, you can verify their identity and presence, and let them in remotely
  • Save call out fees for security or employees
  • Faster response times by verifying a threat straight away
  • Investigate suspicious activity by customers or employees
  • Monitor your system even if you are on holiday or out of town

How Much Does A Home Security System Cost?

Installation expenses vary depending on your desired level of protection, property size, and specific features. These features can range from immediate phone alerts upon detecting activity on your property to live viewing with playback or even speaker broadcast capabilities. Get in touch with us for a free quote today.

two security cameras; one black, one white
alarm kit including circuitry, sensors, control panel and more

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