March 2023 snapshot: Murder case where CCTV helped fight crime

March’s CCTV news were dominated and overshadowed by one high profile case. Although not a home invasion, burglary, ram raid or business robbery – this murder case still demonstrates the effectiveness of CCTV in fighting crime and ensuring justice.

David Benbow murder case

cctv footage of david benbow used in his murder trial

Original story: Car sightings, missing jersey and three petrol station stops – CCTV crux of David Benbow murder case | Stuff.co.nz

This story goes back to 2017 with the unfortunate disappearance of a Christchurch man, believed to have been murdered by his girlfriend’s ex-partner. Michael McGarth disappeared on May 2022, 2017, and David Benbow is the primary suspect. It is thought he lured McGarth to his house where he later killed him.

How CCTV is helping the investigation

Surveillance footage is being used to clear up the facts of this clouded case.

  1. Security cameras captured McGarth driving in his own car towards Benbow’s house at 8:54AM on the day of his disappearance.
  2. Stephen Robinson, a port worker, is a witness claiming to sight the two men together. CCTV footage shows he was driving his own car in the area around 9AM on the day.
  3. Further CCTV footage shows Benbow changing outfits multiple times that day
  4. The next day Benbow is seen dumping a load of rubbish in the Kate Valley landfill

These pieces of evidence are inconclusive on their own, but alongside other information presented to the jury, could paint a much clearer picture.

two security cameras; one black, one white

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