Home and Office Alarm Systems in Auckland

A combination of smart access control, automatic and manual CCTV monitoring integrates into a solid alarm system that protects your home or business to the max. 

A great alarm system is the cornerstone of safeguarding your property, deterring intruders and providing quick response to make them regret and run away. 

In addition to the primary threat of break ins, an alarm system can integrate with any sensors and monitor for secondary threats like fires, smoke, and more stealthy dangers like carbon monoxide.

alarm kit including circuitry, sensors, control panel and more

The Best Residential & Commercial alarm systems in Auckland

Every building/property is different from one another, so is the optimal design for their alarm systems. We can equip any propery – commercial or residential, as we don’t offer a “one size fits all” solution, instead opting for a unique set up for every property depending on your needs and our technician’s inspection/analysis of your property. This can range from simple monitoring of one CCTV camera to a full suite of camera surveillance, motion detection, glass breakage sensors, and more.

We have extensive experience installing alarm systems across residential and commercial properties from 2-bedroom houses to multi-level offices and warehouses.

What are the benefits of having an alarm system?

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  • Detect intruders and unauthorised entry
  • Send a security patrol or police to the property
  • Give You Ultimate Peace of Mind

How do alarms Protect your property against robbers/burglars?

Getting robbed sucks. Even if your home/property is fully insured through contents or business insurance, it is a huge headache and quite upsetting when your property is violated and your belongings are taken, especially as many items carry personal sentiment that cannot be replaced with dollars – family heirlooms for example.

The primary reason for an alarm system is to deter intruders from trying your property, as well as drastically improving the response time in case they’ve broken in regardless thus minimizing damage and losses. A well designed and operated alarm system is the best alternative to having a physical human presence on a property in terms of deterring burglars and thieves.

Protect against fire and internal threats

An often overlooked angle of alarm systems is their use beyond fighting crime. Deadly accidents can occur every day – namely fire. A house fire can be magnitudes worse than a break in, even if it is not as common. Modern alarm systems are fully integrated with the option of installing fire and smoke detectors that can instantly alert you or a security monitor that there is a fire on your property. Fires spread incredibly fast so every minute saved to detect, confirm, and respond to a fire is priceless. 

Additionally there are other sensors and alarms you can link to your system such as carbon monoxide detectors to alert you about other subtle dangers.