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No more blind spots: Why Outdoor Cameras need Indoor Backup

Everyone wants outdoor cameras for their home security. After all, for an intruder to get inside your house, they still need to approach your house. This is where your outdoor cameras will spot them and alert anyone monitoring the property.

However, having cameras indoor does more than simply follow an intruder into your house. From easy home insurance claims to solid evidence, indoor cameras provide an arsenal of additional security. As well as non-burglary threats and safety such as fire hazards and monitoring any visitors or pets.

Fool proof home insurance

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Indoor security cameras are a valuable tool for homeowners who need to make an insurance claim after a break-in or theft. By capturing video footage of the event, these cameras can provide clear and compelling visual evidence that can be used to support your claim.

This evidence is especially helpful when it comes to proving the extent of the damage or loss. Insurance companies will want to know exactly what was taken or damaged during the event, and indoor cameras provide a clear record of what occurred. Such as what items were taken, and by who.

This speeds up the claims process, as the insurance company can quickly assess the situation and make a decision on your claim.

Monitor domestic workers and tradies

Indoor security cameras monitor any service workers who come into your home, such as cleaners, nannies, or tradespeople like plumbers and electricians. By placing these cameras strategically throughout your home, you can keep an eye on what these workers are doing and ensure that they are not causing any damage or stealing any of your belongings.

For example, if you have a nanny watching your children, you can use indoor cameras to make sure that they are taking care of your children in a responsible and safe manner. Similarly, if you have a cleaner coming to your home, you can use the cameras to make sure that they are not stealing anything or damaging any of your property.

One of the key advantages of using indoor cameras to monitor service workers is that they provide visual evidence of any theft or damage that occurs. If something does happen, you can use the footage captured by the cameras to support your case. This can be especially helpful if you need to take legal action against a worker who has caused damage or stolen from you.

Instantly verify fire hazards

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By leveraging remote monitoring with indoor cameras you can instantly discover or verify indoor fire hazards. These cameras can be set up to provide a constant feed of video footage to a remote monitoring centre or your own personal device. Allowing you to keep an eye on your home even when you are away.

One way that these cameras can be used to detect fire hazards is through their ability to detect abnormally high temperatures. You can set up indoor cameras that come with thermal vision capabilities. Meaning they can detect changes in temperature and alert you to potential fire hazards in real time. As soon as the camera detects a very hot surface in its field of view, it will notify you or a monitoring service straight away.

photo of a house kitchen heavily on fire with smoke and flames

In addition to detecting temperature changes, you can also integrate indoor cameras with fire and smoke sensors to provide instant verification of an indoor fire hazard. When a fire alarm goes off, live footage of the affected area can be accessed to quickly verify the location and severity of the fire.

Saving valuable minutes and calling out first responders straight away, it can mean the difference between a few thousand dollars in fire damage and a total house write-off. This also means you can verify the validity of alarms and save additional costs by not calling out firefighters to a false alarm.

Keep an eye on your pets and children

Aside from common threats like fire, theft, or intruders, indoor cameras are also very useful for keeping an eye on your smaller family members. Any pets you leave home whilst you are at work. Or your children that are home alone.


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Young children are very curious and can lead themselves into danger even in a seemingly safe environment. Playing with electrical appliances such as space heaters, ovens, irons. Or examining sharp tools like knives, razors, or even sewing needles.

By utilising remote monitoring of your indoor cameras you can make sure they are safe, even if you aren’t home. This is a convenient solution if you can’t afford a baby sitter, or if you are simply leaving for a short while.

Pets – Cats, Dogs, Bunnies, etc

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Pet owners will often describe their pet as a 2 year old. Your furry friends can be just as curious as a young human. Especially cats who will jump and get stuck in places they can’t escape from on their own.

And if your animals are sick or otherwise vulnerable, you can periodically check on them to make sure they are ok if you’ve left them at home. This can be the difference between responding fast enough to take them to the vet, and arriving home to a much worse scenario.

Better footage of intruders for evidence

As mentioned in the home insurance section earlier, indoor cameras provide excellent evidence of anything happening in your house. You can track a burglar’s movements with extreme accuracy and show undeniable proof of them causing damage and stealing goods.

More importantly, you can catch a great picture of their identity. If they’ve unmasked themselves indoor, or if it’s dark and your outdoor cameras weren’t able to get a good close up shot, the indoor cameras may pick up the slack. By linking their undesirable actions to a clear identity, you provide a fool-proof case for the police to handle and deal justice. As well as return your stolen items.

Conclusion: the Power of Indoor Cameras

Although outdoor CCTV serves as your first line of defence against intruders, they do nothing to monitor the inside of your house. Following the intruder inside and capturing damnable evidence of their actions will not only help with police investigations but also insurance claims.

Indoor cameras don’t stop at simply being a counterpart of your outdoor surveillance however. They can fight internal threats such as fires, badly behaving service workers. And finally keeping your pets and children safe if they are left home alone.

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