Glass Break Sensor Alarm Auckland

Security sensors that detect the sound or vibration of breaking glass. They provide early detection of intrusion, covering multiple windows or glass doors, require low maintenance, and are versatile.

Alerting occupants or security personnel to an intruder gaining entry by breaking a window or glass door, they help keep homes and businesses safe and secure.

Glass break sensors can be integrated with a range of security systems and devices, making them a valuable addition to a comprehensive security system.

Advanced Glass Break Sensor Alarm Technology

Discover our cutting-edge glass break sensor alarm technology to fortify your security system. Our expert team specializes in installing state-of-the-art CCTV and security systems with advanced glass break sensor alarms. These sensors utilize sophisticated audio analysis algorithms to detect the distinct sound frequencies produced when glass shatters, ensuring swift response to potential intruders.

Our commitment to security excellence means you can rely on us to provide a comprehensive solution tailored to your needs. We seamlessly integrate these advanced sensors into your security setup, enhancing your property’s safety. Trust us for top-tier technology and professional installation services to safeguard what matters most to you.

Modern glass break alarm sensor

Monitoring your Glass Windows and Doors

These sensors are quite versatile and offer flexible placement. They can be wall or ceiling mounted, and optimally positioned to cover as much glass as possible. 

Depending on the sensor, it can have a range as much as 10 meters, which is more than plenty for even large rooms or long residential hallways. 

For example you can cover an entire living room with a connected back door. Or your front door and any nearby windows. Our consultants will help you position your sensors most effectively.

diagram showing a ceiling mounted glass break sensor covering three windows and door