Feb 2023 snapshot: 2 Cases where CCTV helped fight crime

Compared to the January snapshot, there were less cases in the media in February, which is a welcome sign. It means however this article has only two cases that fit the bill of CCTV footage helping police investigate and solve a crime.

Armed robbery of currency exchange

currency exchange that was robbed in wellington

Original Story: Police cordon off currency exchange service in central Wellington | RNZ News

In the first half of February, a No1 currency exchange was robbed in Wellington. A man had burst in and pointed a gun at the staff, demanding cash from them. He fled with a sizable amount of foreign currencies.

How CCTV helped police

Retailers around and including the location of interest gave their CCTV footage to the police upon request. The police identified a vehicle and later spotted it all the way in Lower Hutt later in the day. The man was arrested and has been charged with aggravated robbery and possession of an imitation firearm.

Student flat burglary

dunedin student flat

Original Story: Nine-month jail sentence for man who stole $40 of RTDs | Otago Daily Times Online News (odt.co.nz)

This is a total waste of a crime, resulting in 9 months of prison for stealing $40 of alcoholic drinks from a student flat in Dunedin. Residents of a 2 story student flat were upstairs, with the front door unlocked. The burglar was walking down the street and walked in. He spotted some RTD drinks, took them and left.

How did CCTV help?

A CCTV camera had captured his entire burglary on video. The footage was supplied to police and he was arrested, later it was used to sentence him.

Final thoughts

In both of these cases, CCTV worked exactly as it should when the burglar isn’t deterred. It provided valuable security camera footage which was used by police to investigate crimes and apprehend criminals. It also helped the prosecution process, speeding the perpetrators into court and using it as evidence.

two security cameras; one black, one white

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